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DLux400 Spray for Infants & Children

DLux400 Spray for Infants & Children

DLux400 offers a perfect daily dosage for infants and children. Delivered as a tasty oral spray it's the height of convenience as there is no pills or need for water. In fact a sub-lingual spray has been scientifically proven to deliver the vitamin much more efficiently than any pill or capsule could ever do.

Babies are born with a percentage of the Mother's vitamin D level and are rarely exposed to direct sunlight enough to make their own. As only 10% of our requirement is satisfied by our diet it's important we ensure our children's vitamin D levels are at an optimum. DLux400 is a completely natural formulation and is suitable from birth. Natural peppermint oil flavour.

100 measured sprays per bottle. Sweet peppermint flavour. Easy to use. Apply daily. developed in conjunction with Jan de Vries, healthcare pioneer for over 40 years.

British made.

Price: 6.25 (5.21 Excluding VAT at 20%)

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